Why has the pandemic put independence on hold, but not Brexit?

IN response to Wednesday’s front-page exclusive headline, “Scotland to prepare again for no deal” – why? Why do we still need to prepare for it when the SNP have been promising all along to help us to avoid it? Scotland voted resoundingly against it, so why should we be prepared to tolerate our Scottish Government preparing for it?

I believe that we should instead be demanding that they fulfil the many mandates they have received to get us out of Brexit. They should instead be stating categorically that there will be a referendum on independence this year whether Boris approves of it or not. Even if it has to be a referendum by post!

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They should outline Scotland’s financial state as it will be after independence. They should be using some of the international statistics that are available. For instance, they should be pointing out that the Scottish GDP is higher than New Zealand, France and Japan so if they can be independent, so can we. They should also be pointing to the fact that Standard and Poors, the international credit rating agency, has already stated that Scotland is likely to be in 15th place amongst the richest countries in the Western World, whereas the UK presently stands at 17th and is likely to drop to around 19th if Scotland becomes independent.

We have all been forced to accept that independence, which a majority now seem to want (53% in the last poll with those wanting to remain in the Union at 46%), has had to be put on hold because of coronavirus. But now we seem to be told that a No-Deal Brexit, which we don’t want, will be prepared for by our Scottish Government representatives – despite the virus! That can’t be right. We are gonna get, and therefore must prepare for, what we don’t want; but what we do want will have to remain on the back burner. NO! NO! NO!

I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps the SNP, with their large number of MPs at Westminster and MSPs at Holyrood, are becoming a little too comfortable with their present situation and no longer wish to upset that apple cart by winning independence. I don’t think I am the only independence supporter who is beginning to doubt the SNP motives and would like to see them alleviate my concern by coming out NOW with a proper programme leading up to an independence referendum that will definitely be held in the near future whether Boris wants it or not. Never mind next year’s Holyrood election. If they wait until then they will not get my vote, and they’ve had it since the 1980s.

I may not give anyone else my support, but unless the SNP comes up very quickly with a programme for independence then they can count me out.


Charlie Kerr

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