We should let Number 10 know in writing why we want independence

SO here we go again! Garage Farage is coming to save us and put things right up here. Just what we need. Another party to split the votes and take a seat here and there, but different from the others in that he is not intent on independence for us.

This man coming up here at all convinces me that they (Westminster et al) think our reasons for wanting our freedom from them is just Brexit and a few little things which they will soon sort out, and it’s back to the fold again.You know, a couple of has-beens making a few promises, telling a few porkies once they are in power again that is. Back to square one!

Let’s tell them why we want our freedom … By letter! Not email, or any other means on a computer; simply a stamped addressed envelope or stamped card with a simple message or comment ie a brief comment, a yes or a whole screed of reasons, whatever suits.

The real point would be the numbers, and to this end, it would require that all organised groups e.g. Yes, AUOB etc to view this as viable. They cannot meet but get in touch and just maybe agree on as many members as possible taking this simple course of action. It occurs to me that readers of The National might wish to participate, especially the impatient for action readers and, if long letters are anything to go by, there are quite a few.

Sending letters on an agreed date (perhaps St Andrew’s Day) and to the same place would be, heaven forbid, very disruptive to Number 10, the House of Commons or the House of Lords.

A few rules: Always a stamp, no obscenity, no signature – maybe just Yes for Scotland.

A single target would not be remiss(with justification) eg Dom, Gove or Bojo.

Just get out the personal message that we, the people of Scotland, want independence.

J Ahern

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