‘We improved in playing fast bowlers because..’: Virat Kohli credits this person for change in approach

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Indian captain Virat Kohli talked about the improvement in Indian batsmen in tackling the fast bowling over the past few years.

Indian captain Virat Kohli revealed that the side’s throwdown specialist, D Raghavendra had a huge role to play in the batsmen tackling fast bowling over time. The throwdown specialist, fondly called ‘Raghu’, ratchets up speeds in excess of 150-155 kmph during training sessions, aiding the Indian batsmen in facing the fast bowlers in recent years.

Virat Kohli was speaking to Bangladesh opener Tamim Iqbal during a live session on Instagram.

“I believe the improvement this team has shown while playing fast bowling since 2013 has been because of Raghu,” Kohli said during an Instagram Live session with Bangladesh star Tamim Iqbal.

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The sidearm in the cricketing equipment for a throwdown is shaped such that it looks like a long spoon, with its far end designed to hold and hurl the ball at great speeds.

“He has good concepts about footwork, bat movement of players. He has improved his skills so much that from sidearm he easily hurls the balls at 155 kmph.

“After playing Raghu in nets, when you go into the match, you feel there is a lot of time,” Kohli added.

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The Indian captain, like many other cricketers, has been significantly active on his social media profiles as the cricket action remains at standstill due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus. 

Under the fourth nationwide lockdown, the sports complexes are permitted to open and the BCCI are currently in the process of devising plans for the players to return to training. However, it is less likely that Virat Kohli, who is based in Mumbai, could return to outdoor training activities at this point.

Mumbai is worst hit with COVID-19 crisis, with around 1/3rd of India’s cases in the city.

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