Wax in limited quantity could be an alternative to saliva in post-COVID-19 world: Lance Klusener

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Lance Klusener

Former South African all-rounder and current head coach of the Afghanistan cricket team, Lance Klusener, on Monday opined that wax in limited quantity could be used as an alternative to saliva to shine the ball when cricket resumes after coronavirus break. ICC’s Cricket Committee, earlier last month, had prohibited the use of saliva in a bid to contain the spread of the novel virus. 

While Klusener, who is presently in South Africa and was unable to attend Afghanistan’s training which has resumed in Kabul, admitted having to issue with the saliva ban, he wants ICC to allow the use of specific substances in limited amount during the matches. 

Speaking to Times of India, the 48-year-old said, “I have no problem with saliva being banned by the ICC. Coronavirus is passed through saliva, so that makes sense. However, I would like to see a certain amount of a specific substance. provided by the ball manufacturers (say 10ml for example) to the team captain which he can use at his discretion for 80 overs. After that, it can be replaced with a newer one.

“They could perhaps use wax in limited quantity. The captain of the fielding team gets to keep it. After 80 overs of play, they get a new one while the old one is handed back to the umpire.” 

Klusener also added that bowlers will have to adapt to the new normal and that mistakes will be made initially. 

“Yes, it is a habit. Players will have to adapt to the new normal. Mistakes will be made by them at first but over a period of of time they will get used to it,” he said. 

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