WATCH: Police stop English family who don’t know what devolution is

POLICE in Wales have stopped an English family from travelling into the country because they were unaware of devolution.

The lockdown rules have been relaxed in England so people can now “drive to other destinations” and meet one person outside their households outdoors.

But in Wales the stricter stay-at-home rules remain in force and people must exercise locally.

An ITV News video about tourists heading to the Brecon Beacons revealed a man called Ben Mitchell didn’t know Wales was still in lockdown. 

He told the policeman: “So even though Boris says you can do what you want, go where you want … Don’t we control Wales as well? It doesn’t state nothing on the news you cannot drive here. And then we end up getting a fine. You should really be like ‘mate go home, go home.’ We’ve wasted two and a half hours.”

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Mitchell wanted to see the Gwaun Hepste waterfalls and showed the police officer his wetsuit.

He continued: “Here’s my wetsuit. I feel like there’s no one up here you know. You just feel like you’re on your own, out the way, no matter. It’s just lovely.”


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