Voters are not paying heed to Unionist attacks on the Scottish Government

ANGUS Robertson highlights the disparity between the actual situation in Scotland and as it is seen by writers (such as Alex Massie of The Spectator) who have started to believe what they themselves are reporting in the papers, on TV and radio (How we know Scots don’t share Boris Johnson’s view of devolution, December 5).

Just because the opposition parties in Holyrood and the media are perpetually critical of the Scottish Government’s performance on education, health, justice and the economy does not mean that they are representative of the majority of the people of Scotland.

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The London-based opposition parties in Holyrood have contributed nothing to the fight against the Covid virus, in fact they have done little other than demand more and more detailed statistical information in order to attack the Scottish Government’s handling of the pandemic.

All three parties appear to have placed more importance on the historic Salmond inquiry than the task of keeping services such as education, health, justice and the economy functioning effectively during the pandemic.

The handling of the pandemic has been the proverbial straw that broke the camel’s back, exposing the total ineptitude of the Westminster government which has proved unable to offer leadership or coherent policies; consequently the dual role UK/English government has been a source of confusion, frustration and delay to the three devolved governments/Union partners from the very start of the pandemic.

The people of Scotland have realised that even in the midst of this pandemic the UK Government is far more concerned with securing its own future and global influence than that of the health and prosperity of the people who put them into power.

John Jamieson
South Queensferry

AS the UK and EU struggle on to try and achieve a deal, one should remember that it was not long ago that Boris Johnson told us: “That oven-ready deal I talked about so much during the election campaign has already had its plastic covering pierced and been placed in the microwave.”

Despite these assurances, this has proven yet again to be another untruth in Mr Johnson’s ever-growing back catalogue. A no deal, which remains a strong option, will mean deeper economic pain and disruption, and will, at least according to the EU’s calculation, simply put off a scenario where he will have to sign up to an even worse deal.

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Despite such a fragile situation, the UK Government is this week intent on fanning the flames and pushing ahead with the Internal Market Bill, which breaks international law and seeks to allow ministers to override the Withdrawal Agreement signed with the EU.

Mr Johnson may have claimed to have an “oven-ready” deal, but he clearly forgot to switch the oven on.

Alex Orr

I READ with interest Alexander Potts’s letter in the Sunday National. His reasoning for Scotland’s means to independence, his singular paragraphs of information were well explained as to the why and how for winning independence.

However, his last paragraph was the the pin that burst the bubble of hope. He posed the question asking what the opposition parties would do if Scotland demanded an independence referendum. The Westminster opposition parties have expressed the answer in the negative, and several times already. That’s what they do and will continue to do so.

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He also asked would happen if the SNP gets its expected majority election next May. Well who knows? Scotland might jump for joy and Saltires would gather outside the Holyrood parliament. Johnson and his gang would most likely ignore it while checking their hedge fund balances.

Surely Alexander Potts doesn’t expect the Tory government to concede defeat and grant Scotland its independence. Not on your nelly will that happen. Tories do not retreat.

Mike Russell has suggested in his Sunday National article that there are plans afoot, but not to let Westminster know about, which will eventually establish Scotland’s independence. We, the people, have made our feelings known several times in the majority. It is up to the SNP government now to do the rest. We have fuelled the machinery. So lets see how it runs during the coming year.

Alan Magnus-Bennett

THIS is an instant remedy for the “indyref 2 permission refusal” which Boris will undoubtedly make: if the English government can walk out of the EU negotiations without a deal, why can’t the Scottish Government just walk away from Boris and co?!? Simples. What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Rosemarie Hogg

HERE we go again – we are all in this together – NOT.

If you are royal you can hop on your own train and cross every health board and national border and meet whoever you like – just to say thank you.

Meanwhile the rest of us cannot visit our children, grandchildren or family in hospital or care homes even if they are just a very few miles away because we are following the rules not to cross into another health board.

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Please do not try to tell me “we are all in this together’ – it becomes more and more nonsensical with every day that passes. I have not forgotten Charles and his trip north with wife and staff when he was incubating Covid and may even have had it. Or indeed Cummings and his testing of he eye sight etc.

Winifred McCartney

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