Vegetable prices pakistan skyrocket ginger Rs 1000 per kg cost capsicum ladyfinger

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Vegetable prices skyrocket in Pakistan, ginger costs Rs 1000 per kg 

Vegetable prices have skyrocketed in Pakistan with ginger costing as high as Rs 1,000 per kg in Rawalpindi. At many places, the price of capsicum rose to over Rs 200 per kg. Ladyfinger is being sold at Rs 250 per kg and peas for Rs 100 per kg. 

Imran Khan government is already under pressure from the Opposition over various issues. His countrymen are confronting runaway inflation, unemployment and massive corruption. The simmering dissent has transitioned into a full scle movement.

The full-blown war between the political parties has only deepened the crisis in Pakistan which is already reeling under a double whammy – the Covid-19 pandemic and China taking over the country from Gilgit to Gwadar.

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