Unionists never miss a chance to make utter fools of themselves

THE Unionist “opposition” are an absolute joke. They never miss an opportunity to make absolute fools of themselves and prove how utterly useless they are.

True to form, Ermine-clad “socialist” Lord George Foulkes emerges from the glorified geriatric home for failures, the House of Lords. All to prognosticate some absurd, ridiculous and nonsensical objections to Nicola Sturgeon’s daily Covid-19 briefings.

This is a man who was filmed in a documentary appearing to fall asleep in the Lords whilst claiming his £300 per day.

Foulkes thinks that hearing from the elected leader of a country in the middle of the deadliest pandemic is somehow a party political issue. Like all the self-entitled town hall bureaucrats who seem to imbue the British Unionist Labour party, Foulkes is bitter and resentful. He enjoys the finer things in life, especially if the taxpayer is paying.

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As if to try to outdo Foulkes, up pops Douglas Ross. A Tory clown of limited intellect and even less ability. His Tory Westminster masters are about to wipe out the Scottish food and drink sector. All to appease their nationalist, Tommy Robinson-supporting base.

So consequently Ross has decided to ignore this and commit his party to boycotting any independence referendum organised by Holyrood.

In other words, Ross and the Tories reject the right of the Scottish people to decide their own future. This may play well with the blue-rinse brigade and in Orange Halls, but it’s a slap in the face to the Scottish public.

Labour/Tory are allies against independence, all to keep their income stream going. In 2014 the Tories paid for the Better Together negative scaremongering and lies. Labour fronted it.

Alan Hinnrichs

A SCOTTISH Conservative spokesperson states: “Labour in full-on crisis mode … a mass exodus of top brass … losing staff as quickly as losing supporters”.

At least Labour are prepared to face an election. In the Tory party we have Ruthie running to the Lords in pursuit of a red coat and DRoss telling us the Tories will boycott an indy2 vote.

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Does this mean they don’t believe in democracy unless it is the gunboat, corrupt Tory kind – where lies are accepted as facts, with an “oven-ready deal” when Boris doesn’t even know where the kitchen is and has no interest in the long, laborious and tedious work of negotiation where both sides have to compromise?

But never mind, according to David Duguid we will only have to worry about not having the right shape of pasta.

Winifred McCartney

AS we stare into the Brexit abyss and the worst example of national self-inflicted economic harm in history, Tory ministers like David Duguid continue to trivialise the devastating effect a No-Deal will bring to the people of mainland Britain, many of whom are already suffering from the consequences of a Covid- ravaged economy.

In dismissing imminent food shortages and the prospect of economic chaos in the months ahead as scaremongering, Mr Duguid, a Scottish office minister, arrogantly and patronisingly mocked the anxieties of the business community and ordinary people throughout the UK with his Marie Antoinette-like “Let them eat different pasta shapes” comment.

It is disturbing though hardly surprising that a Conservative minister can appear to be so completely out of touch with the angst of the vox populi at this moment in history. His apparent contempt for the actual realpolitik of the situation the UK now finds itself in with regards negotiations with the EU demonstrates a lack of understanding of and respect for the lives of people in Scotland and most of the UK at this time.

We are currently living in a British state where food banks outnumber branches of McDonald’s restaurants (approx 2,000 as opposed to 1300). The Tory government refuses to rule out cutting the increase of £20 to Universal Credit after the spring, despite the fact that the worst excesses of the pandemic and the crippling effects of a No-Deal Brexit will overwhelm the most vulnerable who are on benefits or zero-hour contracts.

I hope the good people of Banff and Buchan will take notice of Mr Duguid’s ill-judged and uninformed remarks for the future.

Owen Kelly

ANENT Tory Kevin Foster’s daft comment about Hadrian’s Wall, I seem to remember, from walking it many years ago, that a fair part of it runs along some very sheer cliffs.

What a pity the Tories have gone through all the hassle of four years of Brexit to find a cliff-edge to push Scotland off, when all the time they had one handy that would have suited us nicely. Would have saved us a lot of future hassle too!

L McGregor

IF Kevin Foster MP seriously thinks there is any suggestion that Hadrian’s Wall might be rebuilt then it is only appropriate that England pays for it. This is a matter for the English to decide, as the wall is entirely within their country. Perhaps Mr Foster should learn a little more of his country’s history and geography before making himself look foolish by trying to be smart.

Ni Holmes
St Andrews

AS parliamentary under secretary for immigration, Kevin Foster needs to brush up on his geography of the UK. Northumberland, in its entirety, is NORTH of Hadrian’s Wall. I’m sure the Scots have no territorial ambitions to parts of England, though I’ve heard it rumoured the the Northumbrians would like to join Scotland. We can only hope he knows where immigrants come from.

Ian Gilbert

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