Unionists bizarrely compare Nicola Sturgeon to Donald Trump

THE First Minister dared to say her government’s coronavirus lockdown approach is popular with Scots this afternoon, prompting comparisons to Trump from people who’ve apparently never listened to the US president in their lives.

During her daily briefing, about the Covid-19 lockdown, always articulate Nicola Sturgeon explained that new government polling found 84% of Scots support her “slow and gradual” lifting of restrictions.

This information was obviously relevant to the briefing, especially as it came the morning after a Newsnight report all about Scotland and England’s diverging paths and just days on from Boris Johnson’s relaxation of measures in England.

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Unionist politicians this week have been left right and centre questioning the First Minister’s decision to extend lockdown to slow the spread of the virus – even though Wales and Northern Ireland have done the same, btw – and attempting to cast doubt on the Scottish Government strategy.

But now the SNP leader can definitely look at the evidence and tell the media and Unionist figures that her method is supported, she gets compared to erratic, disinfection injection promoting Trump. A man who famously backs up his statements with evidence, of course.

A particularly wild-ride of an Express article published this afternoon featured the headline “Sturgeon boasts over 80% of Scots back her lockdown approach during ‘Trump-like’ briefing”.

To that, we’d just like to remind everyone that Boris Johnson received criticism from one of his own MPs this week for acting like he runs a “presidential” government with his address to the UK on Sunday. If Conservatives are keen to fling about Trump comparisons, we’d suggest you start a little closer to home.

The Express reported that one Twitter user said: “Sturgeon actually telling the public about a poll during a briefing! This is up there with Trump!”

And another cited viewer posted: “I’m astounded by it. Hopefully the journalists have picked up on this. I’d expect this in a Donald Trump press conference.”

If these new rules insist upon party leaders refraining from stating they are on the right path with their approach to the virus and lockdown, maybe we could play a spot of Boris Johnson bingo?

Not like the Tory leader has insisted other nations are looking at the UK’s success tackling the virus despite dozens of international media outlets publishing harsh criticism of his government’s performance during the pandemic.

We won’t even mention the Trump/Johnson hair similarity thing either. Too obvious. Sad.

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