Trade deal trumpeting by Liz Truss is the stuff of pantomime

THE EU “rules”, if you pardon the double meaning in the “rules”! Is it a verb or a noun?

Liz Truss has just trumpeted the latest UK-global deal with Singapore. After all the tense negotiations it turns out it is the same deal as Singapore currently has with the EU and the same as the UK currently has as “member” of the EU in this transition period ending on December 31. Quelle surprise!

THE EU rules (verb) and the deal is according to same rules (noun). The duplicity in this announcement from Liz Truss is breathtaking. It seems that the UK , no matter what it does, is going to be “trussed” up in existing EU rules, which are the benchmarks and will be so as the EU 27 are the biggest trade block at present.

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So the antics from the UK in Brussels are simply pantomime. That is what we have come to expect from No 10 and it simply reinforces the impressions we have had of Boris Johnson for years. A clown!

The EU has stated it clearly through Angela Merkel, who said in the Bundestag: “The integrity of the single market has to be maintained.”

John EdgarKilmaurs

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