Tory MP wants Welsh Parliament to be abolished so he can go to beach

A TORY MP has called for the Welsh Parliament to be abolished so he can take a trip to the beach. 

Daniel Kawczynski, who represents Shrewsbury, said the Senedd should be scrapped leading to a “political union” between England and Wales.

His comments follow Boris Johnson’s announcement that those in England can drive somewhere to exercise. 

He said: “The current gap emerging over this crisis results in the Prime Minister saying to my constituents you can now go for a walk on the beach, but you are prohibited from going across the frontier to get to our nearest coast.”

“I am sorry but the time has come to reach out as Conservatives to large numbers of like-minded citizens in Wales who like us believe in one system for both nations.

“We must work towards another referendum to scrap the Welsh Assembly and return to one political system for both nations – a political union between England and Wales.”

The MP told BBC Radio Shropshire his “blood is boiling” over Wales’ decision not to follow England’s easing of lockdown restrictions.

Mark Drakeford, First Minister for Wales, expressed concern today over the PM’s approach.

Drakeford said: “We have concerns traffic flow into Wales could continue to increase as a result of the Prime Minister’s announcement that travel to exercise will be allowed in England.

“Now I just wanted to be clear, in Wales it is Welsh law that apply us travelling to Wales to exercise is not to exercise locally.

We will use whatever means are available to convey this message including signs on the major roads and motorways and articles we hope to place in local newspapers across our border.”

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