Tories seeking answers from Murrell on Salmond probe role

SCOTTISH Tory Holyrood leader Ruth Davidson has written to SNP chief executive Peter Murrell demanding answers about his role in the Alex Salmond investigation.

The questions come after she clashed with Nicola Sturgeon about text messages sent by Murrell – the First Minister’s husband – in parliament on Thursday.

The messages – revealed by MP Kenny Macaskill, an ally of Salmond – appear to show the party’s chief calling for pressure to be put on Police Scotland. On the day after Salmond’s first court appearance, the SNP HQ boss in a text to another party official seemingly suggested “it was a good time to be pressuring the police” to pursue the former leader.

In her letter, Davidson asks Murrell directly if he sent the messages, what date they were sent on and to confirm they were sent to an SNP employee.

“The Scottish public need to hear these answers, and Nicola Sturgeon promised the SNP would deliver them. So no more excuses,” she said.

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