Top 5 petrol-manual mid-size sedans as rated by Autocar India

The mid-size sedan market is holding its own despite demand shifting towards compact SUVs and mid-size SUVs. If you’re looking for a petrol-manual mid-size sedan, there are a total of seven models on sale right now – the Hyundai Verna, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Toyota Yaris, Skoda Rapid, Volkswagen Vento and two generations of the Honda City. We tell you which one you should spend your money on.

1. Honda City                     8/10


There’s no doubt the fifth-gen Honda City is pricey, but then you do get the most rounded mid-size sedan for the money. It looks smart, there’s plenty of space inside, the features list is long, and the 1.5 DOHC petrol engine is a delight, our review of the new City also showed ride quality is another highlight. It’s quite fuel-efficient too in manual form; in our in-depth 2020 City road testHonda’s mid-size sedan managed 11.5kpl in the city and 17.7kpl on the highway.

5th gen Honda City fact file
Engine 1498cc, 4 cyl, petrol
Power 121hp
Torque 145Nm
Gearbox 6-speed MT
ARAI mileage 17.78kpl
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi) Rs 10.90-13.15 lakh

2. Hyundai Verna                             8/10


In typical Hyundai fashion, the Verna is feature-rich. It’s better to drive than before, our new Honda City vs rivals comparison (in our 21st anniversary issue) confirmed the Hyundai Verna has a refined 1.5 petrol engine and that it’s is easy to drive in the city. However, the lack of rear seat space, even compared to some compact sedans, is quite a downer.

Hyundai Verna fact file
Engine 1497cc, 4 cyl, petrol
Power 115hp
Torque 144Nm
Gearbox 6-speed MT
ARAI mileage 17.70kpl
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi) Rs 9.03-12.69 lakh

3. Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI                    7/10


The Rapid lives up to its name, it’s the most fun-to-drive and the quickest mid-size sedan, thanks to the firecracker 1.0 TSI engine. The lower Rapid Rider Plus and Rider variants, in particular, give you the most bang for your buck. There’s no getting away from the fact that the Skoda Rapid now feels like an older car though.

Skoda Rapid 1.0 TSI fact file
Engine 999cc, 3 cyl, turbo-petrol
Power 110hp
Torque 175Nm
Gearbox 6-speed MT
ARAI mileage 18.97kpl
Price (ex-showroom, India) Rs 7.49-11.79 lakh

4. Volkswagen Vento                    7/10


Like its cousin from Skoda, the Vento is an aging mid-size sedan that is really quite nice to drive. The VW Vento’s performance is brisk and the keen handling adds to the experience. Also like the Skoda, the equipment list on Volkswagen’s mid-size sedan is lacking in comparison.

Volkswagen Vento 1.0 TSI fact file
Engine 999cc, 3 cyl, turbo-petrol
Power 110hp
Torque 175Nm
Gearbox 6-speed MT
ARAI mileage 17.69kpl
Price (ex-showroom, India) Rs 8.94-12.08 lakh

5. Maruti Suzuki Ciaz                     7/10


The Ciaz is a sensible mid-size sedan for those on a budget. It’s spacious and comes with the peace of mind associated with buying a Maruti car. It’s easy to drive and fuel-efficient too, our review of the Maruti Ciaz underlined the smooth, if unhurried manner that the mild-hybrid petrol engine works in. As such, the Ciaz ticks a lot of boxes but the sedan just doesn’t feel special enough.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz fact file
Engine 1462cc, 4 cyl, mild-hybrid petrol
Power 105hp
Torque 138Nm
Gearbox 5-speed MT
ARAI mileage 21.5kpl
Price (ex-showroom, Delhi) Rs 8.32-10.09 lakh

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