This is what would happen if Boris Johnson did his government’s career quiz

AS most of us are only too aware, the coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact both in health and economic terms.

And with the furlough scheme set to end later this month, the economic situation has become even more perilous for millions of people across the UK.

Fear not, however, the experts in the Tory Cabinet are on the case.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has encouraged people to “adapt”, suggesting they find a new career if their job is affected by the pandemic.

To help them do so, the Government has launched a “skills assessment” questionnaire.

So far, the feedback hasn’t exactly been complimentary.

I love this government job assessment tool. It says I’m going to be a boxer or professional footballer! Amazing. I mean, I don’t have those skills, but still, the computer says I can. Oh, hang on. I might have to work evenings or weekends? Nah. Maybe not. Bingo caller it is then.
— Andy Webb CleverCash (@AndyCleverCash) October 8, 2020

But with his popularity in the polls plummeting, could Boris Johnson soon be filling out the survey to find a new career?

The Prime Minister is renowned for his laid back attitude, so we’ve gone to the liberty of filling out the form for him.

The PM would be asked a series of questions, to which there are five possible answers, ranging from strongly agree to strongly disagree.

“I like to use mt imagination to create new things” – strongly agree “I like working with facts” – strongly disagree.

You get the gist.

And so what new career path did the state-of-the-art software churn out? Head of the UN? Nuclear physicist? 

No, it seems the Prime Minister, a lifelong half-arser and fibber, is totally unsuitable for any job.

He will doubtless take some consolation from the fact he’s good at taking back control, however.

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