The House of Lords is as full of numpties as anywhere else

ONE of the main arguments for retaining the House of Lords is the alleged expertise of its members. Allegedly because they don’t come through the traditional political route (ie having to stand for election) the Lords contains various experts in a range of fields which would not be possible in a democratic parliament!

I’d personally like to thank Lord Digby Jones for blowing that argument clear out of the water. In the past few weeks Mr Digby Jones has shown his expertise on matters such as the First Minister’s hairstyle (wrongly claiming she has broken lockdown by getting her hair done); perpetuated right-wing nonsense about Iain Blackford travelling during lockdown (when in fact he was returning from parliament – along with every other MP – when lockdown started) and now demanding that UK taxpayers shell out £100 million for a new Royal Yacht (when people are struggling to survive loss of income and jobs due to coronavirus).

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Digby Jones clearly highlights that the House of Lords is as full of numpties as any other gathering of people and that this claim about expertise is complete nonsense. If the UK is to become a democracy we must get rid of the House of Lords.

That is only my second choice though – I’d much rather live in an independent Scotland, where such an institution as the House of Lords wouldn’t be considered.

Cllr Kenny MacLarenPaisley

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