Scottish MPs should not risk their health and waste time going to London

WHEN I have been ill abroad, my overwhelming desire was to get home to Scotland. My sympathies are therefore all with Margaret Ferrier MP who felt the same. There is a differentiation between an agent and a patient. By the time she came north she was a patient and should be judged thus – she was sick.

This matter should be not be taken as one person’s mistake but the last straw on the folly of sending able Scots to risk their health and waste their time in Westminster, a place governed by English law.

There is no point. Every aspect of it is fruitless. The English majority is inbuilt with the population imbalance, though the Tories say we have too many representatives as Scottish constituencies are under-populated. We have less financial say due to English Votes for English Laws and the policy of spending money where the most people benefit.

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There is not the opportunity to support the Labour opposition, who refuse to oppose on Brexit, Trident or independence. The Tories have refused to discuss any of the matters arising from Brexit with the devolved parliaments and are keeping all the powers to Westminster.

Most importantly, the legal basis that underpins all this is flawed. The Treaty of Union said Scots Law would be separate – in fact it states that Scots law should not be applied in England and English law should not be applied in Scotland (a clause well breached from very early on). Now we have a Supreme Court (based on English law) overruling us in London, as Ruth Wishart reminds us.

This, and all the Section 30s etc which have come along with it, now force the people of Scotland to make it clear they wish to have nothing to do with this house of cards. Both the BBC and Westminster have no future here.

Iain WD Forde

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