Scotland must spell out its aspiration to be an EU state

I READ with some interest the Plan B notion that an SNP majority in Holyrood 2021 would automatically ensure that the UK Government would immediately open serious meaningful negotiations with the Scottish Government over the issue of Scotland being an independent EU nation.

I would suggest that Mr A Johnson PM wouldn’t even feel bound by a binding Section 30, nor would his sponsors, a pervasive situation that is likely to exist until the threat of the most racist and fascist-leaning Tory party members leaving to join another party recedes, and he feels secure in his reign.

International ridicule has followed Mr A Johnson PM for many years now, which is why Mr D Cummings takes the essential role of unofficial and unelected PM. In tandem the UK Parliament, having refused to move with the times, has now chosen to move back in time, and hibernate in the Palace of Westminster, inviting yet more international ridicule.

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The Scottish Parliament does indeed need to set out formally, and even more overtly, its aspirations for Scotland becoming an independent EU nation state, with as big a majority as possible to highlight its determination internationally. Crucially, the extent of divergence between Scotland and rUK needs to be seen to be somewhat greater than what some limited but additional devolution would allow for.

Seeing the excess death rate in Scotland being below that of the rUK during the Covid-19 pandemic is welcome, but far more is required. Mass testing of travel into Scotland is now clearly required on road, rail, and air, as a public health issue not a border issue. Similarly, sector testing can only go so far before we require mass local testing, if we are to honestly reassure local communities that local areas can reopen substantively.

Put simply, the people of Scotland and those watching internationally need to see the successful actions of a Scottish Parliament, and its Scottish Government, which is of the people and for the people, in stark contrast to the UK Parliament and its circus antics.

If it is felt that a public expression of independence is required then run an advisory referendum (just like the Brexit one) at the same time as the Holyrood 2021 vote, and use the Holyrood total votes cast as the baseline for the citizens’ desire for independence.

Stephen TingleGreater Glasgow

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