Royal tour is intended as a distraction from the nightmare of Brexit

AS the Brexit saga winds its way to its calamitous conclusion, the people of Scotland who voted by 62% to remain in the EU must grit our teeth and await the inevitable economic disarray and agitation that it will bring to our lives.

Regardless of whatever comes to pass following the last-ditch talks between the Prime Minister and Ursula Von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission, Brexit will be the proverbial chill wind that blows no good for anyone apart from mindless xenophobic little Englanders and groups of disaster capitalists who will descend, vulture-like, to capitalise on falling financial markets and bolster their already considerable fortunes.

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To say that the UK Government is unprepared for the worst excesses of a No-Deal Brexit would be a gross understatement. Members of the Cabinet are now muttering to a compliant press about major problems with lorry parks, pointless bureaucracy and food shortages amidst diversionary statements of dubious veracity about the UK leap-frogging EU countries in the vaccine queue.

We are now days away from leaving the EU, and those businesses that depend on trading with Europe are totally unclear about the tangible realities of post-Brexit markets. The Irish border question has been left in limbo, resulting in not only great business uncertainty but real anxiety regarding the Good Friday Agreement and security on the island of Ireland.

Doubtless the Conservative administration that visited this misery upon us will seek to blame the virus for all or some of the economic problems we will certainly experience in the immediate and long-term future. They will look not to unite the UK, but to scapegoat groups and individuals that oppose their draconian, right-wing,centralising ideology. That means increased attacks on Scottish independence, immigrants and, inevitably, anything or anyone associated with the EU.

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The majority of the press and the state broadcaster will act as nodding donkeys to disseminate the government messages regardless of accuracy, and the utilisation of Machiavellian distractions like the festival of Brexit and high-profile visits by selected members of the royal family will be foisted on us to desensitise the masses from the worst excesses of Brexit-induced privations.

Indeed this process has already begun, with the announcement that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will tour the UK on the royal train purportedly to pay tribute to the heroes of the pandemic, a needless waste of taxpayers’ money and of highly dubious value or safety during an ongoing public health emergency. It will no doubt achieve its purpose with the gullible and obsequious in that they will be so consumed by the excitement of the royal visitors that they will forget the travails and uncertainties of the nightmare that is Brexit.

Owen KellyStirling

WELL a No-Deal Brexit it is, although our glorious media has not yet said the words. I have no idea why this is a surprise to some people. If you know how the EU works and understand what the Brexit ideology is, there can never be a deal.

Away back in 2016 the effects of no deal were known. In 2021 we are heading for a 10% GDP drop. This is horrendous. The bank problems of 07/08 had a drop of 2.6%.

My view is that we will have at least six months of food shortages and a chaotic disruption to all supply chains to and from the EU. Business failures or relocation over the next four years etc. Very high unemployment by 2023.

Then people will rebel, if not earlier. There will be a government change in London in 2022 if not earlier. But where does the UK go? The EU will not have us back. Trust has been destroyed.

We, Scotland, will get our freedom somehow and have to build our way out of this gloomy future. Pity our biggest market is in decline, but we can export our way to other countries.

We have an exit option, as do Northern Ireland and Wales, but I worry about England in the medium term. Hopefully they will forget their glorious past, create a modern parliament and stop trying to be something they are not. They are no longer a global player.

Despite all this darkness in politics and the economy, isn’t the idea of independence exciting? YES we can and YES we must.

Robert Andersonvia email

THE awards now being promoted by Scottish Independence Foundation (SIF) and The National will draw attention to the best, most imaginative and most innovative ideas that have emerged over the last two years. SIF has looked at and funded some brilliant schemes, some of which have taken seed money and generated six or eight times as much by their own efforts!

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These are awards, not rewards; the rules will see to it that prize money will be invested by the winners straight back into the Yes campaign, so what’s to complain about that? (We at SIF are not daft!)

We’ll not just be giving recognition to some unsung heroes of the indy movement but shining the spotlight on the very best ideas so that others can emulate them in the coming year. Why not send in a nomination yourself at You’ve got ten days to do it!

Willie WilsonConvener, Scottish Independence Foundation

WAS Boris Johnson’s promise to reduce gas emissions just a gas emission? Barely a day has gone by and the Tories announce a billion-pound cut to the rail investment. That’ll help get cars of the road, Boris. Can’t wait for the next bit of your green plan.

Murray ForbesMilngavie

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