Pro-indy people taking aim at Nicola Sturgeon need to get a grip

I VALUE discussion, differences of opinion and diversity of viewpoints but I just cannot understand why an ever-increasing circle of Scottish loose cannons appear to be pointing at our FM.

We are in the middle of a pandemic, her competence ratings are at 70%, support for independence appears to be growing and SNP poll predictions for next year’s election are excellent. So up pop stories of SNP “civil war”, “volcanic eruptions“ and talk of the need for the SNP to disband and another one to be formed.

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We are all very aware of the massive force of opponents of Scottish independence. Every day we see and hear the banal questions of the media designed to trap the FM as she focuses on containing this virus.

Other party leaders at Holyrood continually imply that her every action is about showing up the UK. We know them and we get their motives, but why so much noise from within the party at such an inappropriate time?

I will not be alone in asking you to please get a grip of yourselves and put your issues and ambitions away for another time. Otherwise defeat from the jaws of victory will be ours again. There is already a clear example in Holyrood of what voters do to divided political parties. So please … gonnae no’?

Noirin Blackie

MY respect and admiration for Nicola Sturgeon grows day by day. Her courage, tenacity and leadership qualities are exemplary and without fail she appears before the Scottish people at her podium on a near daily basis to speak with clarity and honesty. Conversely, Johnson has hardly appeared at the daily “briefing” in Downing Street and instead sends one of his minions along to do his job for him.

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Johnson is now playing Russian roulette with peoples’ lives in England. The reinfection number is still not low enough to risk a second peak of the coronavirus and the death toll is still high. Ignoring the scientific facts, he has gone ahead and put the economy before his people, the complete opposite of Nicola.

The English public are now completely confused because of his ambiguous and garbled messages. I am so pleased I got out of England when I did, and the English people deserve a decent leader. Johnson is complacent, dangerous and it is clear that he just doesn’t care.

Susan Rowberry

IS it just me or does Nicola look quite exhausted by the amount of work and obvious strain she must be feeling with the demands of the media she has just now? I realise that she is by far the most competent person in our government, and while Jeane Freeman seems quite capable as a deputy during this pandemic I am not so sure she could handle all the daily baiting our government gets from most press reporters.

Is there nobody else capable of delivering the daily update on behalf of the government or would they fall into the same hole as Johnson’s deputies and deliver mixed messages? I fear for the running of our country if the only capable person falls ill during this pandemic.

Watt Smillie

I REFER to articles by Pete Wishart and Ruth Wishart in Monday’s National (New parties could cost us an indy majority, This is why devolution will never be enough, May 11).

The Scottish National Party was founded to gain independence for Scotland. The current SNP was formed by an amalgam of the National Party of Scotland and the Scottish Party in 1934 and its progress has been long and weary to arrive at where we are today.

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The Yes movement emerged after the 2014 referendum to provide public support for the SNP. We are now seeing apparent offshoots, mainly driven by the personal ambitions of activists, former activists and new converts to independence – dripping roast, anyone?

I joined the SNP in Peterhead in 1966; I am no longer active due to age and infirmity (85 and rising!).

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The SNP is a winning team and many are preparing to support that, others just jumping on a good thing. As to other parties, we have the Greens whose main aim is the environment and do not always support the SNP. Any attempt to set up another independence party and split the votes would be warmly welcomed by the Unionists – think about it!

With the threats of Brexit and coronavirus, I think Nicola Sturgeon is doing a fantastic job, and getting it right.

Jim Lynch

I HAVE been disappointed to read that some people would look upon Alex Salmond’s possible return to politics as difficult for him as he is “damaged goods”, as one critic has remarked. I would say that on the contrary he now represents a value-added asset.

To use another analogy – a military one as currently in pathetic use by Unionists – he has fought a battle and emerged triumphant. I feel that this gives him that strength of what does not destroy makes you stronger. It also imbues him with moral power all the more impressive when compared to the present Westminster government. He has behaved with restraint, dignity and honour, and we need him to help Nicola Sturgeon free us from this disgraceful and fraudulent union with England.

Victor Moncrieff

MOST countries in Europe seem to be able to communicate differing levels and rates of response in different parts of the country, some down to municipality level. Is the UK population uniquely dense in being unable to understand they need to listen to what the government in each of the four countries is telling them is appropriate for their situation, or is the media simply showcasing people with a particular axe to grind?

Cameron Crawford

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