Political activists understand that Question Time is a parody

I HAVE long since abandoned any notion that the BBC’s Question Time has any effect on Scottish viewers other than to reinforce the widely held understanding that the BBC sees itself as a British Unionist vehicle obliged to smash Scottish aspirations of independence.

But they still don’t get it. They think we don’t see it. And they don’t understand that all they are doing is destroying whatever reputation the BBC has left in Scotland. The “man in the street” doesn’t watch Question Time. Political activists in Scotland do and understand completely, no matter what side they are on, that what they are being offered is a parody.

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How could any committed and honest Labour activist in Scotland watch Ian Murray rant and not cringe? The establishment down south will think they achieved a big hit on Thursday night. They did. On themselves. They have no idea.

Leave them to it.

David McEwan HillSandbank, Argyll

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