PMQs: Boris Johnson can’t explain why 15 polls show most Scots want independence

BORIS Johnson struggled to explain why 15 consecutive polls have put support for Scottish independence ahead of support for the Union during PMQs this afternoon.

With polls showing up to 58% backing for leaving the UK, Glasgow East SNP MP David Linden asked the Prime Minister very simply: “Why does the Prime Minister thank that we’ve now seen 15 consecutive polls showing majority support for Scottish independence?”

The Tory leader responded that in 2014 Scotland voted to stay in the UK – ignoring that recent polls show a higher percentage now want to leave the Union than voted No six years ago.

Linden smiled and waved goodbye at the Prime Minister as he continued his response.

“I believe that was the right decision, and were they ever to be asked in the future the same question again I believe it would be the same answer.”

The Prime Minister finished his response by saying the referendum was a once-in-a-generation opportunity.

The Smith Commission, signed by all parties in the wake of the 2014 result, states there is nothing stopping Scotland from becoming an independent nation in the future if it wishes to.

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The SNP are currently on track to secure a majority in next year’s Scottish Parliament election and have pledged a commitment to a fresh vote on independence if they win.

Michael Russell, Scotland’s Constitution Secretary, yesterday vowed to “redouble efforts” to give the people of Scotland a choice to leave the Westminster chaos behind.

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