Pathetic posturing by the PM has only further boosted Yes support

AS deadline after deadline passes, we will leave the EU with little or no deal, blaming everyone and threatening gunboat diplomacy.

We must therefore reflect on Boris Johnson’s decision to press on in spite of his disastrous handling of Covid. Indeed his ludicrous suggestion for an Australian-type deal, highlighting Tim Tam biscuits, sums up the UK’s pathetic political posturing.

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In contrast, the handling of coronavirus by Nicola Sturgeon has been firm and steady as the case for indyref 2 grows against the objections of a panic-stricken Unionist Britain. Without any real campaigning this year, because the focus has been on containing the coronavirus pandemic, a succession of polls has shown a growing majority support for independence. Key factors have surely been the incompetent UK mismanagement of Covid and Brexit.

With multiple mandates, Scotland will have the courage and confidence to go for indyref 2 and independence in 2021. The fact is there is a clear precedent as in the 1997 May General Election, when the UK Government received a mandate to hold a second referendum on devolution. The subsequent overwhelming vote established the Scottish Parliament.

Grant FrazerNewtonmore

WELL done FM for taking the case for Scottish independence to an international audience via CNN. The more international understanding and support we have, the better. To take this matter further, I suggest that, once Joe Biden’s feet are well and truly under the presidential desk, he be approached formally to confirm that we are proud that so many Scots were instrumental in achieving the independence of the United States from British colonial rule. In return we ask that he now support us in our struggle against the same colonial power. Such support could take two main forms:

Firstly; by invoking United Nations resolution 1514 (XV), which states: “All peoples have the right to self-determination; by virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development”.

And secondly, by making any trade deal between the US and UK conditional on respecting Scotland’s right under the above resolution, to which the UK is a signatory, to hold a legitimate referendum on independence and, assuming a Yes vote, to facilitate Scotland’s transition to independence.

Roy PedersenInverness

FOR heaven’s sake, Charlie Kerr (Letters, December 14), try and be a wee bit more positive in your daily thoughts concerning Scotland. Your letter in yesterday’s National was about as useful to the independence cause as a pole without a flag.

Okay, so everything you wrote was everything we read in the press or on Facebook. But hell mend the likes of Rees-Mogg if he had the power to carry out anything he aspires to.

And Gove is just the same. So far as adjusting the so-called British constitution, where would he begin? Page one or any page? More like what he could devise on the back of a beer mat in one of the many House of Commons bars. There is no written British constitution to change. Tory governments always make it up depending on what the weather is like as they trundle into No 10.

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So far as security is concerned, not to worry. Faslane has already been allocated for Scotland’s military base (once Trident et al has been dispersed to wherever in England and America) to compliment our existing RAF bases at Lossiemouth and Leuchars.

I’m surprised you pose the question about “if we had a government that was prepared to stand up to Boris”. Of course we have a government that has been doing that since before the coming of Boris. Nicola Sturgeon and her team have been doing a superb job of governing Scotland in spite of what Johnson has provided, or rather not provided, for the Scottish people.

So dinna fash Charlie, everything is under control. This time next year you can ask Santa for a new Scottish passport to take a holiday anywhere in a Covid-free sunshine resort.

Alan Magnus-BennettFife

IN Wednesday’s National you reported that Mike Russell said they would redouble their efforts to get a second referendum. I ask “what efforts?” I must have missed them. I should like to remind him that double nothing is nothing and redoubling nothing is still nothing.

Ronald Livingstone McNeillStrachur

I HOPE someone is making sure Ursula von der Leyen, the European Commission President, and Michel Barnier, Brussels’ chief negotiator, are getting a copy of The National each day. I’m sure they’d find it compelling reading!

Catriona GriggEmbo

A FAVOURITE story of my father’s applies superbly to Boris Johnson and his Brexiteers blaming EU delegates for no progress in their Brussels negotiations. At a passing out parade of recruits, proud dad observed to proud mum, “Look at that – they’re aa oot o’ step but oor Jock!”

Ian JohnstonePeterhead

GEORGE Kerevan’s article (December 14) listed some Christmas gifts to be opened and used immediately. I refer to his gold-foil-wrapped gift for the First Minister, a second independence referendum! But this article had a glaring omission of another gift that should be opened and used immediately.

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The recipient? None other than the PM, who did not deserve to be left off the list after all, because like the FM’s gift, his needs to be used immediately. Gift suggestion – a brown envelope (could be swapped for a seasonal red one) containing a P45, a very welcome and useful Christmas gift for the country, never mind the PM!

Catriona C ClarkFalkirk

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