One-nation Tory Alister Jack fails to find the right words

LISTENING to the Scottish Secretary Alister Jack being interviewed yesterday morning, he did seem to struggle with his responses, especially where it was intrinsically linked to Scotland and his job. His get-out-of-jail card was that he is a “one nation” Tory. I thought, well, that explains his problem because he cannot find the right words to say about Scotland.

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I read today that his parliamentary office has changed its social media account literature. It has dropped the still official “stay home, protect the NHS, save lives” logo in favour of its original “coronavirus: protect yourself and others” logo, thus denying any support for Scotland’s choice of continued coronavirus protection.

This is a disgraceful admission by Alister Jack that he is really the “Secretary of State for the Union Country of Scotland”.

Alan Magnus-BennettFife

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