No-Deal: Daily Mail bizarrely tries to reassure readers about food shortages

EXPERTS have been warning for years now that a No-Deal Brexit is likely to lead to food shortages and supermarket price hikes.

With both the UK and EU indicating that a No-Deal exit is now very likely, fears over food problems are growing.

In a bizarre article the Daily Mail has sought to reassure readers over the possibility of needing to rely on more British-sourced foods.

Too bad that we’ll be short on broccoli, tomatoes, avocado or bananas. Who needs a mix of fruit and veg anyway?! There’s always peas and carrots.

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It’s all good because we’ll have plenty bread, potatoes and milk too. Yum.

The newspaper showed which products come from outside the UK and therefore could see big price increases or shortages – it includes ham, wine, cod and certain cheeses.

In one image it seems to suggest we can replace pizza with … toast and chips.

The photo shows a pizza with a cross beside it and text reading: “Dough is made from wheat varieties that thrive in other climates.”

On the right, it shows a plate of toast and chips and adds: “The UK will be fine for bread and chips as enough wheat and potatoes are grown domestically.”

How does a delicious meal of toast and chips fit into the food pyramid, exactly?

Social media users were stunned by the graphic. Matthew Champion shared the picture, suggesting there should be “a prize for the first person who lives off this menu for a week for content”.

We at The National aren’t sure we could volunteer for that challenge …

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