Nicola Sturgeon won’t let Scotland copy England’s disregard

SAGE and other UK Government health specialists have expressed caution over the UK Government’s lockdown relief programme. The UK Government agreed, but appear to have a different interpretation of the word “caution”. It is very much in contradiction to the reality of the spread of the virus pandemic.

Thanks to Dominic Cummings, UK pleasure areas such as coastal and national park regions have been inundated with tourists who have totally disregarded a) the two-metre distance rule, b) face protection, and c) the fact that public conveniences are not available. Result, a total disregard to themselves, others and the environment. The R measure is still barely below 1 and still susceptible to rising, especially after the ill-considered invasion of UK tourist spots.

It is satisfying that Nicola Sturgeon has no intention of letting all of the above happen in Scotland. Figures expressed thus far with regard to Scottish sun-seekers are being taken into account, after two weekends of pandemic-disregard madness.

Alan Magnus-Bennett


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