Nicola Sturgeon sends clip to youngster upset by lockdown birthday

FIRST Minister Nicola Sturgeon has sent a happy birthday message to a young girl upset she can’t have her friends over for a party during the lockdown.

The SNP leader sent the clip to young Darcy-Quinn to explain why her friends won’t be able to celebrate the day with her at her home and added it will be “hopefully not too much longer” before she can see them in person again.

Dundee resident Lee Mills shared the clip of Sturgeon responding to his niece on Twitter.

In the video, Sturgeon tells Darcy-Quinn: “Firstly I want to say happy birthday I hope you have a great time.

“But also I just wanted to say I’m really sorry that your friends can’t come over for your birthday party, I know that makes you really sad.

Here’s @NicolaSturgeon answering my niece who was wondering “why her friends couldn’t come to her birthday party” I’ll post her video below! Thank you Nicola
— Leemills (@yes_leemills) May 14, 2020

“But see right now we’re trying to beat this horrible virus and that means we have to stay away from people who are not part of the people we live with in our own house.”

She went on: “So just for a wee bit longer you can’t have your friends over. So I hope you understand and you’ve been a really really good girl in sticking with that. But have a great birthday and when we’ve got this horrible virus out the way, hopefully not too much longer, you can have your friends over for a celebration.

“But have a great time just now. Nice to talk to you.”

In her reply, Darcy-Quinn said: “Thank you Uncle Lee, thank you Nicola Sturgeon, I won’t have my friends over until you tell us.”

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The video comes days after the First Minister sent a personal message to seven-year-old Matthew from Stirling.

The youngster never misses Sturgeon’s daily briefings, and has been anxious that people can not come into his house during the lockdown.

He said he didn’t want his charity carers to return until his “best friend” Sturgeon said it was ok to do so.


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