Nicola Sturgeon responds to claim she’s ‘waging psychological fear project’

FRONTING up to the nation every weekday has its pros and cons for Nicola Sturgeon.

On the plus side, the First Minister and her team of ministers, as well as health and police chiefs, are able to communicate the coronavirus strategy clearly at every stage.

On the other hand, she’s regularly reminded of what right-wing newspapers are writing about her down south.

Today, the First Minister was asked about an article in the Telegraph claiming she has waged a “highly effective psychological fear project against Scots” during the pandemic.

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It’s written by Niall McCluskey, a criminal law and human rights advocate, and Christian McNeill, a former advocate and tribunal judge.

The article alleges “coronavirus regulations now control and restrict every area of our lives and are subject to no scrutiny by the Scottish Parliament”.

They add: “Far from being informed by ‘the science’ government policy seems to be informed by a small group of people who are stuck in an echo chamber, and appear to be using limited evidence.

“Voices of dissent, even distinguished academics, are sidelined and even blocked on social media channels.

“Anyone attempting to question or present an alternative evidence based view is mischaracterised as selfish, as putting the economy before lives, or as a crazed conspiracy theorist.”

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They speculate: “The question arises, why would the government do this? The answer might be that having conducted a highly effective psychological fear project against the population, restrictions are really popular.”

These points were put to Sturgeon, aka Big Brother in the Telegraph’s eyes, during today’s coronavirus briefing.

It’s fair to say she wasn’t too phased by the claims, giving a rather more convincing summation of what’s really going on in Scotland.

Watch her full response here.

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