Nicola Sturgeon has made clear why lockdown is to continue

INTERESTING to note the standard of questioning from the bargain basement hacks, together with BBC Scotland/STV reporters, at the end of the FM’s briefing on Sunday.

They were only intent on questioning her about her divergence from the PM’s attempts at a strategy to deal with Covid-19.

Nicola is an accomplished stateswoman and she must have repeated the same reply to them all – she is looking after the people of Scotland, first and foremost, and the health of our nation is her priority. She is getting on with the day job.

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I hope R Davidson/J Carlaw et al are watching, together with members of the public who were unsure about our ability to govern ourselves. We must waken up to the reality of the future that awaits us under successive UK governments.

By the way, the only question of any note came from The National’s Kathleen Nutt, who asked about the prospects for cancer screening continuing under these difficult times. Keep up the good work, National!

Keith Taylor
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