Nicola Sturgeon condemns Neil Gaiman over lockdown trip to Skye

NICOLA Sturgeon has condemned author Neil Gaiman after he broke lockdown rules to travel to Skye.

The American Gods writer travelled more than 11,000 miles from New Zealand, via Los Angeles and London, to his holiday home on Skye, leaving his wife and son in Auckland.

Gaiman wrote on his blog that he arrived in Scotland last week after he and his wife agreed “that we needed to give each other some space”.

The English-born author has been spoken to by police, who issued him “suitable advice” about lockdown restrictions.

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The First Minister was asked about Gaiman at the Scottish Government’s daily coronavirus briefing.

She said travelling to remote parts of the country risked bringing the virus there and putting pressure on local services.

“Do not do it,” the FM commented. “You should not be travelling away from your home apart from in the essential circumstances that we cover here on a daily basis.

“So that’s my message to Neil Gaiman and it’s my message to everybody. The more we stick with this right now, the sooner we will get to the point I spoke about earlier where we start to take these concrete steps back to normality.”

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The writer was also criticised by Ross, Skye and Lochaber MP Ian Blackford.

The SNP Westminster leader tweeted: “Can I just remind anyone else thinking of coming to the Highlands this is against the regulations.

“To come from the other end of the planet is gobsmacking. We will welcome all to the Highlands when it is safe to do so. For now stay away.”

Faced with complaints on Twitter, Gaiman responded: “I’m currently a UK taxpayer and on the Scottish voting rolls. I went home.”

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