Nicola Sturgeon can’t put politics on hold indefinitely

A COLD shiver down the spine was what I felt when I read George Kerevan’s article (Why I would use the f-word when it comes to Dominic Cummings, June 1).

I agree with George Kerevan that Scotland does need independence and fast. Scotland can’t wait until 2021 election. By that time Brexit will be a done deal, with Cumming more entrenched than he is now – if that is possible – and Scotland will be looking at potentially losing our parliament.

We will certainly have lost a great deal if this unelected Machiavellian figure is allowed to go on running the party. Boris Johnson has proved himself to be a weak, undecided, inarticulate puppet of Cummings, who has views akin to that of the worst authoritarian and totalitarian regime imaginable.

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I have been and am a huge admirer of Nicola Sturgeon, who has handled the pandemic here in Scotland with a cool head – a steady hand on the tiller that has brought much praise from within supporters of independence and in the wider public. However, tempus fugit and I now feel that Nicola Sturgeon can no longer put politics on hold until this pandemic is over. Boris, Cumming and crew are not!

In my 70s, and having barely missed an independence march, I don’t want all the hard work the independence movement has expended to be lost. I hate sitting on my thumbs waiting to be able to go out and knock on doors – persuade and show we are a rich and diverse nation and deserve to rule ourselves for our population.

Come on, Ms Sturgeon and company, there must be a way – a Plan B, D or D, I don’t care which plan you use – but get us out of this total mess of a so-called United Kingdom and get us our independence.

Frieda Burns

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