MP Jamie Stone calls out Jacob Rees-Mogg’s ‘poxy stubbornness’

JACOB Rees-Mogg’s decision to scrap the virtual UK Parliament in favour of sitting physically has caused much outrage from politicians being forced to travel back to London during the coronavirus pandemic.

And Jamie Stone, MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, has received much praise online today for calling out Rees-Mogg on his “poxy stubbornness” after he explained that as a carer to his wife, he was being made to choose between crossing the Border to attend parliament and risking the health of his family.

The LibDem MP said he would be standing by his duties “as a husband and a family man”.

Twitter users applauded Stone for his decision, with one pointing out that Dominic Cummings’ defence of acting in the best interests of his own family was widely accepted by the Conservative Government.

Rees-Mogg’s decision to call MPs back to Westminster has caused much controversy, with fears being voiced by SNP, LibDem and Labour politicians.

Many have pointed out the potential risk of spreading Covid-19 and a lack of representation for constituents if their MP cannot return due to issues such as health reasons.

SNP MP Owen Thompson wrote to Rees-Mogg to warn that the move could limit Scottish MPs from attending parliament, leading to a breach of the Treaty of Union.

He said: “The rush to cut off the hybrid parliament is cutting off participation for Scottish MPs who cannot safely travel to speak and vote in the limited space of the chamber. 

“I believe this stands in breach of the Treaty of the Union which requires adequate representation for Scotland, and I urge the UK Government to think again.”

Speaker of the House Sir Lindsay Hoyle has also warned of the dangers of pushing MPs back to the House of Commons too soon, saying: “The fact is I’m very worried about somebody coming in who may be infected and before we know it, that has been passed around.”

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