Margaret Ferrier’s interview decision was not a good move

HOW many glaring errors of judgment is Margaret Ferrier going to allow herself before coming to her senses and doing the honourable thing?

Her ill-conceived decision to ignore Covid protocol was, she claims, made whilst suffering from the virus, which impaired her judgment. Yet in the same breath she offers an exclusive interview to the Scottish Sun to give her side of the story.

This Murdoch-owned, Tory-supporting, Scottish independence-loathing tabloid regularly plumbs the depths of journalistic integrity and represents the UK gutter press at its most venal and banal.

Ms Ferrier has obviously abandoned any moral high ground she might have deceived herself into believing she occupied by selling out her principles and party loyalty.

Those colleagues and friends who care about her should now convince her that her position is utterly untenable for the immediate and long-term future.

Owen Kelly


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