Margaret Ferrier: SNP Rutherglen association ask MP to resign her seat

THE SNP MP who traveled from London to Glasgow by train while knowingly positive with Covid has been asked to stand aside by her constituency association.

Rutherglen SNP Constituency Association said they had made their views clear to Margaret Ferrier after an emergency meeting last Friday, and they have now made those views public.

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In a statement, the association said their members shared constituents’ feelings of “shock, anger and sadness” over Ferrier’s actions.

The statement read: “Being colleagues and friends of Margaret, we are of course concerned for her wellbeing, and have sent her our best wishes for a speedy recovery.

“However, we fully support and agree with the [SNP’s] swift and decisive action taken to remove the whip from Margaret, suspend her party membership and to ask her to step aside as our MP. After convening an emergency meeting last Friday evening, we made this clear to her in writing.

“We did so with a heavy heart, knowing how hardworking and committed an MP and campaigner Margaret has been to this point. To say we are hurt and disappointed by her actions is an understatement.”

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The statement goes on: “We have advised Margaret that she should do the right thing and resign now. This would be the honourable course of action.”

Ferrier’s staff are directly employed by her in her capacity as an MP. As such, if she resigns, they would lose their jobs.

However, the association added that they would be happy to work with those staff and support them in “any way we can, if they so wish”.

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