Maharashtra CM says the state plans to stop covid-19 transmission before monsoon

“We will try our best to sort this out (covid-19 issue) before the monsoon season,” said Thackeray in an address to the public late evening on Monday.

Thackeray said as the state enters the fourth phase of lockdown in order to control the transmission of the deadly covid-19 infection, all shops and businesses in green and orange zones will be allowed to resume businesses but the state won’t give any permission to any shops and businesses in the red zone at the moment since it can be dangerous.

“We’ve allowed 50,000 businesses in Maharashtra to resume. To all the factories that don’t produce any harmful gases are allowed to start their business without any permission,” said Thackeray.

“We can’t afford any new cases in the green zone and try to reduce the cases in the red zones. Everyone has to maintain the slogan that we will again raise the state of Maharashtra and build it again then way it was before. All the shops and businesses can open in the green zone. We don’t need to fear from the virus and rather fight it with full power and determination. The way swine flu came and later we got the vaccination for it, in the same way we’ll find a vaccination for covid-19 as well,” said Thackeray.

It’s been six months Thackeray has become Maharashtra’s chief minister.

“I’m thankful to all the other CM’s and all the other people who were helpful during this time.This is the fourth lockdown that we’re going to start and not only in Maharashtra but across the nation.

Referring to Maharashtra, which has been the worst-affected state by covid-19, Thackeray said, “We’ve really stopped this chain as we were cautious since March and we’ve been successful in that part.”

Sending migrant workers from Maharashtra to other states has been a major concern for the state. Thackeray said at least 5 lakh migrant workers have so far been sent to their villages via trains and buses from Maharashtra.

“I’m again telling that we’re providing breakfast, lunch and dinner to all the workers. And I also had promised that all the people who wanted to go to their hometown will be able to go home. I’ve already sent many of them. More than 5 lakh people have been sent,” said Thackeray, urging the migrant workers not to start going home walking.

“We’re sending everyone to their states. Don’t be anxious to go by roads and then meet with some kind of an accident. Please wait where you all are. We will send you all to your respective villages. And also we’re paying all the fares of the people who’re willing to go to their villages,” said Thackeray.

With 2,033 fresh novel coronavirus cases in last 24 hours, Maharashtra’s Covid-19 count breached 35,000-mark on Monday to reach 35,058 total cases in the state since the outbreak, according to the state health department data. This includes 25,392 active cases in the state so far.

Along with that, the death toll in the state also increased to 1,249 after 51 more fatalities were reported since Sunday, it added.

Of these cases, Mumbai alone recorded 40% of the rise. With 1,185 more patients reported in the city, Mumbai’s coronavirus tally surged to 21,152. With 23 more deaths, the number of patients who died due to the virus in the city now stands at 757.

Apart from that, 85 more Covid-19 cases were reported in Mumbai’s Dharavi, Asia’s largest slum, today. Total number of cases in the area is now at 1327, including 56 deaths, said Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

In order to provide enough medical facilities for the public in the state, Thackeray said, “We’ve come up with 1100 bed in Bandra Kurla Complex for covid-19 patients and many other places like Goregaon, Mahalaxmi race course and so on. With these facilities we also came up with oxygen and ICU beds which was very important. 1,484 coivd-19 centres in Maharashtra have been created to take care of the covid-19 affected people . Many people have been complaining that the beds weren’t available as the cases are increasing. That’s why for the same we’ve come up with many bed facilities,” said Thackeray, adding that the state government is also trying to bring all the people who belong to Maharashtra.

Thackeray said the government will shortly let people know in which all shops and businesses can be opened. “We don’t want to create a havoc by starting all at once and then stop them again.”

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