‘Lifelong’ Tory says UK Government is more concerned about Brexit

A LIFELONG Tory has said that those at the top of the Conservative party are more concerned about an extension to the Brexit transition period than further deaths from coronavirus.

Speaking with James O’Brien on LBC, caller Nick explained that he would not be sending his children back to school as he does not trust the government, despite being a lifelong voter for the party.

On the subject of Dominic Cummings remaining in his job, he told O’Brien: “He’s the reason I don’t trust the government, and in answer to your second question, what are they up to? It’s the B word. It’s the bloody B word.

“July is a very important point in terms of transition decisions, they need him to spin things, they need him to pitch the argument, and that is all it is.”

O’Brien then questioned what exactly the Government would be celebrating once the Brexit process is complete, with Nick answering: “They have an 80-seat majority, the election is four years away, they probably are saying ‘this will all be a horrible distant nightmare for many people’, and therefore if they can get Brexit done as such, they will therefore say ‘we delivered on our promises in the election, we got us through the pandemic’,” before grimly adding: “no matter how many lives its cost us.”

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He went on: “That’s how they will paint it, they are thinking ‘we want to make sure at the next election we maintain that majority’, we keep the northern constituencies that voted for us placated in thinking we delivered, that’s what they’re thinking about.

“It’s all about the next four years after this, and the key to that is delivering the B word.

“If they don’t deliver the B word it’s worse than another 50,000 people dying, in their view.”

Presenter O’Brien acknowledged: “I think you’re probably right, you know.”

Calls to approach a possible delay to the tradition period have been continuously put down by the UK Government, despite warnings that the uncertainty caused by pushing ahead with Brexit will only add to the economic damage caused by Covid-19.

The SNP’s Westminster leader Ian Blackford last month accused the Conservative Government of behaving with the “height of irresponsibility” by not extending talks with the EU in the midst of the pandemic.

The EU’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier also said last week that the option for an extension to the December 31 deadline was there if the UK Government wanted it, but also warned that it must be realistic if it wants a deal upon exiting.

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