Lewis Hamilton wants increased pay deal with Mercedes by Christmas

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Lewis Hamilton

British Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton wants his new contract with Mercedes to be wrapped up by Christmas. The current contract is due to end this year and the new one looks more a formality although Hamilton reportedly wants his pay to increase from 35 million pounds to 40 million pounds a year.

“Hopefully over the next couple weeks,” Hamilton replied in a press conference after the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on Sunday when asked about when he hopes to complete the deal.

“We’d love to get it done before Christmas. I plan to be here next year, I want to be here next year and I think us as a team have more to do together, more to achieve both in the sport but even more outside the sport I think,” he added.

“I hope we can begin discussions this week and get it tied up before Christmas,” Hamilton said.

Max Verstappen had cruised to victory in the season-ending Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix at the YAS Marina Circuit on Sunday as the returning world champion Hamilton finished third. Hamilton’s Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas finished second.

Hamilton has won six of his seven F1 titles and 74 of his 92 F1 races with Mercedes.

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