Kim Jong-Un inaugurates fertiliser factory which can’t manufacture fertiliser

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Kim Jong-Un inaugurates fertiliser factory which can’t manufacture fertiliser (Representative image)

Days after various speculations were made about the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un, the dictator is in news again for inaugurating an unfinished factory in his country.

According to the news website DailyNK, Kim Jong-Un was the chief guest at ribbon-cutting ceremony at Sunchon Phosphatic Fertiliser Factory in North Korea.

The factory does not produce fertilisers yet. Even the construction is ongoing.

Interestingly, workers and officials at the construction site were given just two-day notice about a high-ranking official visiting the site.

According to the news report, the workers then worked tirelessly “to create the appearance of a completed factory”. Family members of workers were called in to plant beds of flowers and clean the construction site.

It is being said that Kim Jong-Un and other high-ranking government officials in North Korea wanted to project an image of ‘self-reliant’ North korea. The ribbon-cutting ceremony was hence held in a hasty manner.

Interestingly, the majority of the fertliser used in North Korea is manufactured in China and the Sunchon fertiliser plant is in need of adequate machinery and raw materials before it can actually manufacture any fertiliser.

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