Imran Khan Pak PM unfollows everyone on Twitter Jemima Goldsmith Nawaz Sharif

Image Source : FILE PHOTO Pak PM Imran Khan unfollows everyone on Twitter.  Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has unfollowed everyone on Twitter including his ex-wife Jemima Goldsmith. So far, as no reports of any technical glitch has surfaced, it seems that the development is authentic. Though the Pakistan’s premier has unfollowed everyone on Twitter, people are amazed and guessing a reason behind this move. Taking to micro-blogging site, users have been discussing possible reasons for Imran Khan to unfollow everyone including his ex-wife. While some have a genuine reaction, many have started trolling the prime minister. People are trying to guess various reasons behind Imran Khan’s move of not to follow anyone anymore on Twitter. While there has been no official reaction from the Pakistan PM on why did he chose to make this move, here’s how Tweeple are reacting on the micro-blogging site. PM Imran khan has unfollowed everyone on Twitter. I guess he was getting too many requests for a follow back.— Ihtisham Ul Haq (@iihtishamm) December 7, 2020 BREAKING NEWS? Does this merit as breaking news? PM Imran Khan unfollows all 18 folks on his Twitter list. @ImranKhanPTI — Rizwan Rehmat (@dohagames) December 7, 2020 Prime Minister Imran Khan has unfollowed everyone on Twitter. Any psychologist would explain this behavior?@abbasnasir59 @MazharAbbasGEO— Zahid Khattak (@mzahid130) December 8, 2020 Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has unfollowed everyone from his Twitter account, including his first wife Jemima Goldsmith. But Twitteratis trolled him for feeling “inferior to former PM Nawaz Sharif”. #InferiorityComplex in Imran khan.— TEAM BHARAT (@TeamBharat_) December 8, 2020 You need to ask Bajwa. Imran Khan never had control over his twitter account, it is stage managed by COAS.— Jayesh Patel 🇮🇳 (@jrpatel19) December 8, 2020 Faheem Ali (@FaheemA10245390) asked, “What happened khan sahab?” Latest World News

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