Holyrood election: I have the knowledge and experience to be Eastwood MSP

HAVING lived in Eastwood with my family for 32 years, this community matters very much to me. If you want to see what kind of MSP I would be, then look no further than my work as a local councillor.

The job of an MSP is to serve the needs of their constituents, someone who works hard for, and champions, local communities. I have the local knowledge and experience, in both work and life, to represent this constituency and have a solid track record to prove it. I have worked hard to build trust and relationships with local groups.

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We are living in unprecedented times and tackling the coronavirus must be our priority, alongside protecting our most vulnerable. As well as being a member of cabinet, education and the area support team to the Children’s Panel, I am convener for health and social care. This senior role involves chairing the Integration Joint Board, a public body, which integrates the planning and provision of care, with a strong focus on prevention, quality and sustainability of services.

I am a non-executive director of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and a Cosla Health and Social Care Board member. Whilst I use these roles to help defend the rights of the most vulnerable in our society, it also gives me insight into the immense challenges we face. These roles currently involve working with the Scottish Government to influence, shape and implement public health policy. Health has never been a more important topic.

To achieve a fairer, inclusive Scotland we need independence, so we can protect our most vulnerable.

A country which works for everyone. This is not a vision shared by Westminster. The time is here for Scotland to be a nation again, and this aim should be front and centre of all our campaigning, especially given the added uncertainty of a Brexit we didn’t vote for.

I will combine working hard for my community, whilst fighting for independence for my country, so we can live in the country we desire, not one inflicted on us.

Councillor Caroline Bamforth

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