Henry McLeish is right when it comes to Dominic Cummings

GOOD to see Henry McLeish edging down a wee bit further off that fence of his (“Scotland needs to bypass UK on Brexit”, The National, June 4). It is surely just a matter of time before he stands up squarely for independence, as his heart has surely not been truly Unionist for years.

He is also correct to draw a parallel between Dominic Cummings and Steve Bannon, and not just because they are both clever butdangerous far-right extremists. Bannon was famously unkempt – a slob actually – but Christian Dior compared to Cummings. What on earth must the rest of the world, still incredulous at Bojo’s absurd hair and shambolic performance as PM, make of Gollum in “homeless-chic” grotty T-shirt, saggy tracksuit bottoms and manky trainers?

Perhaps that was the last straw for Henry: comparing our First Minister’s smartly dressed/whip-smart/on-top-of-her-brief appearances with the Two Stooges in London. The good news is that they will undermine the Union to the point a big majority of Scots will, finally, say “enough”; the bad news is they will trash the British and Scottish economies in the process.

Back to good news though: Scotland has the brains, the skills and the fantastic resources to recover , prosper and resume its place as one of the oldest nation states in Europe. You know it; Henry knows it.

David Roche

Coupar, Angus

HENRY McLeish needs to move to a pro-indy party. He has dithered too long; his instincts know that Scotland must be independent. It will only come about when Westminster is ditched for good. If Henry is waiting for the Unionist parties in Scotland to acknowledge the Scots vote to remain in the EU, then he waits in vain.

They toady up to Westminster and fall into line with their English head offices. Henry, you have anguished too long. You know the answer, just follow it to its logical conclusion. Read the runes! One Labour MP from Scotland currently, and a feckless one at that! Labour are no Scottish force any more, just a wee heap of Westminsterites.

John Edgar

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