Heartbreaking video of toddler trying to wake dead mother brings out hardships of migrant workers


Heartbreaking video of toddler trying to wake dead mother underlines hardships of migrant workers

World can be a cruel place. The cruelty is especially profound when the one at the receiving end can’t even comprehend the misery forced upon him. And god forbid if a child has to go through this.

A mother of a child is his entire world. A loss of such a bond can be a great blow.

A heartbreaking video has emerged. In it, a woman can be seen lying on the ground. A toddler, visibly agitated, tugs at sheet placed over the woman. The place seems to be a railway station and announcements can be heard in the background. The toddler appears upset and crying. Little does he know that his mother will not wake up. She was dead.

The video has been shot in Muzaffarnagar in Bihar. The woman was travelling from Gujarat to Katihar with her child by Shramik Special train. The woman, named Archana, suffered due to the heat and breathed her last at Muzaffarpur. The tragic incident took place on Monday. The Government Railway Police (GRP) sent Archana’s body home by an ambulance. But between the time of her death and arrival of the ambulance, the heartbreaking video was recorded.

The child probably does not even know what is life and death. And it’s a cruel play of destiny that the child’s first brush with these words had to come through the death of his own mother.

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