Fake Unionist account caught out after retweet from Murdo Fraser

A TWITTER account claiming to belong to a former Yes-supporting Unionist was deleted yesterday after its suspicious content was picked up online.

Tory MSP Murdo Fraser retweeted a post from “ex-SNP voter” Simon Yates, who had claimed “many” former Yessers now back the Union – even though several recent polls have concluded the opposite is true.

“Simon” shared an SNP clip of former No voters explaining why they now support independence, adding: “The notion that this reflects Scottish attitudes is absurd.

“Many 2014 ‘Yessers’ up north like myself have switched to ‘No’ due to the certain positive impact that Brexit will have on our local communities.”

(Note to self: Next National Fact Check should definitely take a look at *that* claim.)

SNP councillor Mhairi Hunter formed a top sleuthing team with Leo Miklasz, who spotted that “Simon’s” picture just didn’t look quite right.

If you’ve ever used a face-blending app, you’ll spot it straight away. There was no chance that was a real person.

There was also the fact that Mr Yates was claiming to live in Caithness – but as many comments pointed out, it’s hardly common lingo for folk there to describe their area as “up north”.

Robert replied: “’Up North’ is a phrase never uttered by someone who knows Scotland. See also ‘north of the Border.’”

While some called on Hunter to report the account for impersonation, it was already too late.

The attention drummed up by the retweet from Murdo Fraser appeared to have spooked them, and before changing the account image to even more terrifying Photoshopped versions of the original photograph, the account quickly vanished.

We know Tories are desperate to find some Yes-to-No voters to counteract the huge number of people who’ve had the opposite journey … but it might be worth taking a quick look at their Twitter account before highlighting them, next time.

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