Donald Trump Joe Biden belongs to political class enriches self

Image Source : AP US President Donald Trump and Domecratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is a corrupt politician and belongs from the political class that enriches self, President Donald Trump has said. Speaking at an election rally here on Thursday, Trump also accused Biden of constantly telling lies about his son. “He (Biden) is the embodiment of the political class that enriches self while draining the economic life and soul out of our country. Yesterday, we learned from newly released emails and I want to thank the New York Post for showing real bravery,” Trump said. Trump accused Biden’s son Hunter of making a deal with a wealthy Chinese magnet for USD 10 million a year for introductions only. “That Joe Biden has been blatantly lying about his involvement in his son’s corrupt business dealings. He is a corrupt politician and has been corrupt for many years and everybody in Washington knew it. And just now a little while ago a new story shows up that Hunter made a deal with a wealthy Chinese magnet for USD 10 million a year for introductions only,” he said. Trump during his speech accused Biden of betraying the workers of North Carolina for the last 47 years through acts of economic treachery. “For the last 47 years, he has betrayed the workers of North Carolina through one act of economic treachery after another and now they got caught stealing, folks,” he said. “Biden’s a servant of the wealthy donors and globalists and special interest who got rich bleeding America dry, taking your jobs from North Carolina and every other place and moving them out of the country and we turned it around you got to remember that,” he said. Trump said for five decades Biden shipped away people’s jobs, shut down factories, threw open borders and ravaged cities while sacrificing American blood and dredger in endless foreign wars, he alleged. Meanwhile, in a video message, Trump’s son Donald J Trump Jr alleged that the Biden family is the most corrupt political family in American history. “Hunter Biden used Air Force 2 to travel to China with his father for business meetings with top communist, Chinese officials,” he said. Biden has repeatedly denied these allegations. Trump Jr said Hunter sat on the board of a private equity firm that raised USD 1.5 billion from the Chinese government through the state-owned bank of China. “Hunter was involved with communist Chinese nationalists who gave the Bidens millions in exchange for access to American companies that produced technology with our military,” he said.  Latest World NewsFight against Coronavirus: Full coverage

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