Different Brexit deals for different nations may explain Yes support surge

THE Prime Minister is heading to Brussels in an attempt to seal a deal and get it oven ready – action that is not filling me with confidence, I must say! But before his departure it was to the despatch box and Prime Minister’s Questions.

Considering the precarious position the UK has drifted into over a Brexit deal, it was no wonder the Westminster leader of the SNP questioned the Prime Minister on any future Brexit deal, because so many aspects of our daily lives depend on a deal or a no deal. Scotland, like Northern Ireland, voted to remain in the EU, so let’s take a look at where we stand on provision/deals being taken on our behalf.

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Northern Ireland will remain in the customs union and single market, an absolute must for any future trading agreements. Scotland is being taken out of the customs union and the single market, a catastrophe for future trading and any security for business. With such arrangements being negotiated for Scotland’s future, is it any wonder the opinion polls are indicating a majority support for Scottish Independence? Will the PM put the interests of the people of Scotland on the negotiating table? That remains to be seen.

Catriona C ClarkFalkirk

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