Covid-19: Boris Johnson to start easing lockdown as soon as Monday

THE Prime Minister has said lockdown measures will start to be eased as soon as Monday, despite Nicola Sturgeon just yesterday warning now is the most “critical” time to get Covid-19 under control.

The UK death toll yesterday grew to the highest in Europe, and experts have warned politicians to be careful in their insistence that we are past the peak of the virus.

Speaking in the Commons today the Tory leader confirmed he would lay out his plans to ease lockdown at the weekend, and the Government could “get going” with some initial steps of that on Monday.

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Johnson is expected to discuss measures like expanding the outdoor exercise allowance. More steps will be announced towards the end of the month.

The devolved nations each must agree to any easing before it can be implemented in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

First Minister Sturgeon has said she will take a different approach to the UK Government if it is the best option for the people of Scotland, but Conservatives have insisted a four-nation “lockstep” approach to ending the lockdown is required.

The First Minister this week pointed out that while there are positive signs it is wrong to say we are “past the point of danger”.

At yesterday’s daily briefing she urged Scots to think about their own compliance to the stay-at-home rules, which state the public must only go out for a limited number of essential reasons.

Meanwhile, it was reported that Public Health England has ordered government communications hubs to remove its current “stay at home” messaging by Saturday night, before Johnson addresses the UK the following day.

The Mail on Sunday’s Harry Cole reported that the hubs were told: “Please ensure that all Stay Home messaging is removed from websites, social media and any other available channels.

“As the PM is expected to set out a road map on how the UK will move out of lockdown on Sunday, we anticipate that we will shortly transition to a new phase of the campaign.” New comms assets to follow…”

The Scottish Government has its own communications regarding the stay at home measures, but online and on TV adverts there is some crossover, so Scots are likely to have seen both sets of messaging.


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