Covid-19: 51% of MSPs think Holyrood election should go ahead

JUST over half of MSPs believe the Holyrood election should go ahead as planned in May next year, a poll has found.

Research by Holyrood magazine revealed 41% of MSPs thought the vote should be postponed, and just 8% thought it should be held electronically.

The publication carried out the polling during lockdown, before the Fist Minister announced some lifting of restrictions. Just under a third of members answered the anonymous poll.

The MSPs were also asked when they thought life would be “getting back to normal” following the coronavirus lockdown – to which 46% said in more than a year’s time, 23% said between six months and a year, 15% felt in four to six months’ time and 13% felt between two and four months.

When given the chance to pick more than statement, 27% of members agreed “the NHS should be better funded” and another 27% said “we will approach inequality differently”.

Asked what priorities they would have at the end of lockdown, 34% of MSPs said theirs would be to visit family, 29% said it would be to see their constituents, 17% said to visit the hairdressers and just 5% said to go to the pub.

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