Councillor says Sarah Smith should tell First Minister to ‘f*** off’

A LABOUR councillor who sparked controversy last year when he called Mhairi Black a “ned” has struck again – after telling Sarah Smith how she should respond to the First Minister’s concerns over her latest BBC News at Ten report.

The BBC’s Scotland editor sparked outrage online after claiming Nicola Sturgeon had “enjoyed” making decisions about the coronavirus lockdown, before taking to Twitter to say she had used the word as a “mistake”.

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Smith published a number of tweets to apologise, explaining she meant to use the word “embrace”.

But for North Ayrshire councillor Alex Gallagher, Smith’s apology was a step too far … He clearly didn’t think Smith had anything to be sorry for.

Get a backbone. Tell her to f-off.
— Alex Gallagher (@alexgallagher2) May 19, 2020

He got his point across in a few short words. He replied to Smith to tell her: “Get a backbone. Tell her to f-off.”

We should remind you what it was that terrible, infamous bully Sturgeon said to Smith to prompt the apology. She’d highlighted the video and added: “Never in my entire political career have I ‘enjoyed’ anything less than this.

“My heart breaks every day for all those who have lost loved ones to this virus.”

How ghastly! Absolutely justifies her being told to f*** off .. Not.

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Bear in mind this is a councillor who previously accused a journalist of not being a “real Scot” when he wrote positively about the SNP.


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