Coronavirus LIVE: Top Headlines This Hour

More than 3,835,000 people have been recovered from coronavirus infection so far: Summary

Hello and welcome to today’s live coverage of coronavirus news in India and across the world, with me, Rashi Hardaha and my colleagues Himanshu Shekhar, Shashwat  Bhandari, Vani Mehrotra, Priya Jaiswal,  Sidhant Mamtany and Sushmita Panda. You can get in touch with us directly on twitter ​@rashihardaha, @himaanshus, @ShashBhandari​ @vani_mehrotra​ @priyajais, @SidMamtany, and @sushmitapanda for news, tips, photos, questions and comments.

Here’s a quick overview: 

The total number of global cases has surpassed 7.5 million, including more than 423,000 fatalities. More than 3,835,000 patients are reported to have recovered.

Deaths by country:

  • United States- 1,16,034
  • Brazil- 41,058
  • Italy- 34,167
  • Spain- 27,136
  • France- 29,346
  • United Kingdom- 41,279
  • Belgium – 9,636

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