Comedian Jack McConnell isn’t fooling any of Scotland’s voters

OH here he is, Baron McConnell of Glenscorrodale crawling out of the woodwork in true pantomime fashion to help Sir Starmer, that other fake socialist, with a handle to his jug.

The SNP might well lose some votes, but only the ludicrous Labour chancers with their ludicrous titles think voters in Scotland have forgotten the way Labour cheated and lied to us for generations. What a chancer this comedian is – truly breathtaking arrogance from this joke of a man.

P McDonald


UNELECTED relic. The power grab is more sinister! Indy would give Holyrood full scope to develop. It seems that this pampered peer needs to be less hysterical and be concerned about Westminster breaking the law and international treaties. The “two governments” coming together is a byword for “England is in charge”. The present government in Westminster and the previous one did not even consult with Wales or Scotland on Brexit. It bribed Stormont for support! Whatever focus the pampered peer has now, he really needs to move on and sit in a dark room to recover!

John Edgar


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