Citizens’ Assembly presents vision for Scotland’s future – here’s what’s in it

THE Citizens’ Assembly of Scotland has unveiled its vision for the future of the country, which includes increased transparency, innovation and letting the people assist in decision making.

Announced by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon last year, the Citizens’ Assembly brought together 100 broadly representative people from across the country to discuss some of the big constitutional questions.

Asked to provide a “shared vision” for Scotland, the group has devised 10 statements they feel symbolise the country they would like to see in the future.

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These include: “The Scotland we want to see should lead with integrity, honesty, humility and transparency, in a self-sufficient and innovative way, and actively include the people of Scotland in decision making,” as well as: “Authorities have a duty to publish information that is valid, accurate, reliable, verifiable and accessible to all.”

There is also focus on employment and training, with one of the statements saying: “Scotland should be a country where we encourage and support everyone to reach their full potential through support and training.

“Providing fair and equality-driven opportunities, through personal development, with a focus on life and vocational skills, apprenticeships and hands-on experience.”

Assembly convener Kate Wimpress said: “This is a major milestone for the assembly and a ground-breaking achievement.

“It is the first time ordinary citizens have set a course for Scotland in this way.

“Common ground is hard to find and it needs to be valued wherever it is achieved.

“Together our members worked hard to put together an inspiring collective vision based on their shared values about what matters most.

“At a difficult and uncertain time for Scotland, this is a moment of hope.”

The vision was devised in response to the question “what kind of country are we seeking to build?”

Two other parts of the assembly’s remit – how to overcome challenges, including Brexit, facing the country; and how to empower citizens to make “informed choices” – will be addressed in a final report due out by the end of the year.

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